Hi guys.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging, photoshopping, or tweeting much lately. I can explain, ok? 

Those of you that have met me in person know that this is alllllllllll I talk about anymore, but until this week, I haven’t been able to announce my awesome news… I’M MOVING TO CINCINNATI!! I am so blessed… my employer is letting me transfer/work remotely, I have a gorgeous new apartment, and I’m moving NEXT WEEK. 

So… I’ve been a little busy, you know, packing up my entire life into a bunch of boxes, figuring out all of random things I need to do, celebrating my birthday… well… that’s another story.

ANYWAY, there’s more good news: as part of my new responsibilities at work, I’m doing lots of photoshop training… so once I actually have free time again, I’m going to make you all something really special. Get excited. These guys are excited:


Especially JDV.


Thanks for bearing with me, everyone. I promise I’ll get back to the ‘shops soon! Until then, STAY OUT OF THE BACON. I mean… Go Reds!


♥ Porky






Can you guys believe we’re already halfway through the season? It seems like it is going by SO quickly, but this week we get to take a little break to recognize our All-Stars! I’ll also be celebrating with some of my #VottoshopWednesday All-Stars… my favorite shops of Joey, BP, and Chappy! Don’t worry, I’ll throw in a new one, too!

Let’s start with All-Star #JoeyVotto in The Sweep!

All-Star Brandon Phillips as Cat Dude BP!

All-Star Aroldis Chapman’s Gymnastics School!

Joey’s part time job at Kroger!

BP playing tennis!

And here’s a new one for you…

Aroldis Chapman in That’s Only Twelve Pastries!

Enjoy the break, everyone! See you next week!


Hi everyone! The last week has been kinda rough, hasn’t it? I figured everyone could use a little HAPPINESS!!

Thanks to my guest stars Zach Weber and Jenny Kemme for helping out this week!


Last week, the cool people at @redreporter wrote this awesome list called Things I never want to do with Tony Cingrani.

It was a little too awesome, so I had to ask…


So, with @redreporter‘s permission, I give you “Things I never want to do with Tony Cingrani… #VottoshopWednesday style”

1. Dispute a credit card charge


2. Watch the Ed Norton Hulk movie


3. Ask him to cash my check for me

4. Sit in traffic

5. Wait for a cake to cool before frosting it

6. Admit that I’m the one who scratched his car

7. Have my email hacked and send him a bunch of spam

8. Dispute a debit card charge

9. Ask him to help me alphabetize my DVD collection

10. Play baseball… I think you already know what that looks like.

#HaniMemes for Lion

It’s a whole #VottoshopWednesday of #HaniMemes… dedicated to @Lion_Hanigan!



Many thanks to @JennyKemme for being my guest star tonight!

Lion and I will be back next week for more fun!

#BlogLove, #BlogBaby

Hey everyone! It’s just Porky this week. Lots of stuff going on in our part of the zoo, but I wanted to have just a little #VottoshopWednesday fun this week!

Since I’m on my own right now, I decided I needed some help for this week’s post. Luckily, my #BestBlogFriend Tina from Rockin Redlegs was there to help me out! You already know that we are #BBFs, but now we are in #BlogLove, and we’re having a #BlogBaby, and it is HERE! That’s right, we are giving birth to this beautiful, bouncing, baby blog post!

Tina got to pick the theme this week – Movies about the Reds!


I saw the first movie on Monday… did you guys catch it?


Homer Bailey in…. THE FOG



The next movie is on just about every night. We’re talking about the #ManLove between Joey and Jay:





I’m sure you’ve all seen the cult classic REDServoir Dogs:


Suits and sunglasses. Lookin good, boys!



And I’ve saved the best for last. We all miss him, but he’s been busy starring in the hit film…





Thanks so much to Tina for her help this week – she’s the brains behind this post – I just did the ‘shopping. We definitely had fun collaborating on this, and I hope we can do it again in the future!


I’ll see you next week for another fun #VottoshopWednesday!



Tonight’s game might have been rough, but Lion and I are here to make you smile! Since we’re three hours away, we couldn’t make it over for Mat’s bobblehead night… but just because we don’t have the real thing doesn’t mean we can’t shop it!


Have a great week, everyone! Hope to see you this weekend at #RedsSocial!!



Hope you all had a great Memorial Day! Since Monday marked the unofficial start of summer, we wanted to honor the season with a #BoysOfSummer edition of #VottoshopWednesday!



Thanks for reading! See you all next Wednesday!


By now, I’m sure you’re all heard of the #FaceOfMLB… of course, it’s our very own #JoeyVotto!


There’s a good chance you’ve also heard of the #FaceofRedsTweetUps - our BBFs (best blog friends!!) Rockin Redlegs!


Well, now Lion and I are the #FaceOfRedsSocial!

#RedsSocial media night is June 8th (A Saturday! Really awesome for those of us that have to drive 3+ hours to get to Cincinnati!!) It’s going to be amazing, and we want to see you there! Go get your tickets here.

(I bet some of you clicked on that link just to see if I had photoshopped our picture into a screenshot of the Reds website. How dare you doubt me! Now buy some tickets!!)

Let us know if you’re going so that we can say hi! We hope to see you all there NEXT SATURDAY!!!

By the way, if you hadn’t heard of our BBFs (again, best blog friends! or maybe the belgian badminton federation… we’re still deciding!) you should totally go click on one of those links up there. Or here’s another one! The ladies of Rockin Redlegs are absolutely hilarious, and very good at writing complete sentences using correct punctuation and stuff like that; unlike me, since I tend to ramble a lot and it is best for me to just stick to photoshopping things and to have a limit of 140 characters and see what I mean with this sentence running on forever and probably not using a semicolon correctly?!

Now, here’s Drew Stubbs as Michael Flatley, inspired by this tweet:

Drew Stubbs is the Michael Flatley of MLB, his legs move so fast they look to be independent of his body (@djzer0cool)



That’s all for tonight. See you tomorrow for #VottoshopWednesday!

Our Ode to LisaSwan and JamieFrog

Ladies and gentlemen and assorted animals – for our very first blog post, we would like to pay tribute to 2 very special people… we won’t mention them by name, but we think you’ll know who they are!

Without further ado, we give you…

Top ten reasons why LisaSwan and JamieFrog are cooler than us!

10. When JamieFrog teaches everyone to keep score, the Reds always win.

score copy copy

9. When LisaSwan tweets, she can use a broom emoji.


8. JamieFrog has a staff of replacement bloggers when he takes a vacation.

scout copy copy

7. #JoeyVotto has a plaque with LisaSwan’s face on it.

joey votto plaque

6. When JamieFrog tweets, he can use more than 140 characters.

140chars copy

5. LisaSwan has the power to make Bronson Arroyo sign up for twitter.

old-man-cell-phone (1) copy copy

4. JamieFrog could make an all twitter lineup happen.

twitter lineup

3. Everyone lets LisaSwan and JamieFrog cut in line in the Reds’ cafeteria


2. Without LisaSwan and JamieFrog, there would be no #VottoshopWednesday


1. From winning a hashtag battle to organizing a tweetup, to just being generally awesome, nobody does social media better than LisaSwan and JamieFrog!

With love,

Porky and Lion


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